Dear colleagues!

Any science is international if it is Science! The development of modern criminology in Russia and in other independent countries — the former republics of the USSR, became possible thanks to participation in the work of the congresses of the International Society of Criminology (International Society of Criminology), conferences of the European Society of Criminology (European Society of Criminology), in conducting joint criminological empirical research, and since 1987 also in the work of the Baltic Criminological Seminar / Conference. The availability of foreign criminological literature, meetings with foreign colleagues also contributed to the development of Russian criminology, its entry into the global one.

Unfortunately, the tragic events of 2022–2023 in Russia, international scientific contacts were significantly hampered, without which the fruitful development of any science, including criminology, is impossible.

In this regard, we decided, on the initiative of K. Kharabet (Moscow-Riga), to create a humanitarian scientific project (as a first step — a website) of the Baltic Criminological Society (BCS) — — including not only the criminological communities of the traditional Baltic countries region, but also criminologists from any other country in the world. Working languages are Russian and English.

The main task of the project participants are: exchange of new scientific publications; participation on-line and face-to-face in BCS events, other international seminars and conferences; discussions on modern scientific criminological problems; electronic scientific publications of past and new BCS events; methodological and other scientific support for novice researchers; assistance in organizing interregional empirical research; preservation of the historical criminological heritage, etc. We deliberately exclude the discussion of the political problems of modern states, which will allow the exchange of truly scientific knowledge in the field of criminology without touching on other acute problems of our time.

We invite all willing colleagues to take part in our joint work with the help of the site created for this purpose.

Dr. of Sciences (Law), Professor
Yakov Gilinskiy

(St. Petersburg)

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Team of the Baltic Criminological Seminar

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Gilinsky Yakov Ilyich

Gilinsky Yakov Ilych

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