XXVIII International Baltic Criminological Conference

«Crime and Social Control in the Society of a Postmodern»

(27-28 May 2015, St. Petersburg)


27 May

09-30 – 10-00 – Registration (Room 222)

10-00 – 10-15 – Opening ceremony (Dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor V.Y. Smorgunova)

10-15 – 12-00 – Session I. (Room 222)

  • Prof. Alexandras Dobryninas (Lithuania) “Discourses on Crime and Punishment”
  • Prof. Mahesh K. Nalla (USA), Dr. Anna Gurinskaya (Russia), Dr. Arina Dmitrieva (Russia) “Exploring the Nature of the Private Security Guard Industry in Russia: How Does it Compare with other Eastern European Countries?
  •  Prof. Grigory I. Zabryansky (Russia) “Trends and Patterns of Criminality in contemporary  Russia (1992-2014 years)”
  • Prof. Gorazd Meško (Slovenia) “Trust and Legitimacy in Police and Criminal Justice. A Brief Overview of Selected Research after 2010”
  • Prof. Katarzyna Laskowska (Poland) “Human Trafficking beings Committed by Organized Criminal Groups with the Participation of Foreigners”
  • Prof. Yakov Gilinskiy (Russia) “Crime, Social Control and Criminology in the Society of a Postmodern”
  • Discussion

12-00 – 12-30 – Coffee break

12-30 – 14-00 – Session II. (Room 222)

  • Dr. Gintautas Sakalauskas (Lithuania) “Increasing Punitiveness in Lithuania”
  • Prof. Ando Leps (Estonia) “The Soviet Power Still Thrives in Estonia”
  • Dr. Simona Diblikova (Czech) “The Summary Procedure in the Czech Republic. Ten Years Experience”
  • Prof. Ilya L. Chestnov (Russia) “Law Enforcement as a Mechanism of Social Control in the Postmodern Society”
  • Dr. Renata Giedrytė-Mačiulienė (Lithuania) “Smuggling and Illicit Trade of Excise Goods in Lithuania: Sociological Analysis of Administrative Offences”
  • Discussion

14-00 – 15- 00 Lunch

15-00 – 18-00 – Session III. (Room 222)

  • Dr. Judita Venckevičienė (Lithuania) Smuggling and Unlawful Possession of Goods Subject to Excise Duties in Lithuania: Analysis of Criminal Offences”
  • Dr. Anna Markina (Estonia) “School bullying: the causes and consequences”
  • Prof. Sergey Enikolopov (Russia) “Cognitive Models and Criminal Behavior”
  • Dr. Milada Martinkova (Czech) “Victimological Research in the Czech Republic. Important Information Source Concerning Criminality”
  • Prof. Anatoly P. Djatcenko, Prof. Evgeny I. Tsymbal (Russia) “Implementation of the Convention of the Council of Europe for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse”
  • Dr. Olga Ziegmunt (Germany) “Computer crime in Germany”
  • Dr. Vladislav N. Orlov (Russia) “The Composition of the Serving of Criminal Punishment (the author’s concept)”
  • Dr. Petr Poiman (Czech) “About mafia as government of state”
  • Dr. Irina A. Grosheva (Russia) “Deferred criminogenic factors in the social environment”
  • Prof. Alimzan Bekmagambetov (Kazakhstan) “Categories “Crimes related to Human Trafficking” and “Criminality related to Human Trafficking” and their theoretical and practical significance”
  • Prof. Bachyt Galiev (Kazakhstan) “Organized Crime as a Socio-legal Phenomenon and Organized Crime Countermeasures”
  •  Prof. Nikolay A. Isaev (Russia) “Refraction of Postmodern Society in Criminology and Criminal Law”
  • Discussion

28 May

10-00 – 12-00 Session IV-a (Room 222)

  • Dr. Elena E. Demidova (Chirkova) (Russia) “Comparative study of regional features of suicide and homicide expansion in modern world”
  • Prof. Larisa V. Gotchina (Russia) “On the Spreading Drug-use in St. Petersburg”
  • Dr. Pavel I. Kostogryzov (Russia) “Lynching in Latin America”.
  • Prof. Boris A. Spasennikov (Russia) “Neurasthenia from Convicted: Criminological Analyses” 
  • Dr. Konstantin V. Kharabet (Russia) “The great Russian Literature XIX с.  as  Sociological  Base of Modern Criminological  Policy”
  • Dr. Anton V. Petrovsky,  Ksenia E. Zhadan (Russia) The Fear of Crime: regional  Characteristics, particular Qualities and Reasons
  • Discussion

10-00 – 12-00 Session IV-b (Room 239)

  • Dr. Alexander A. Aseev (Russia) “Trends in European countering organized crime, dealing with theft of another’s property”
  • Dr. Veronika A. Abakanova (Russia) “Social Vector counter Money Laundering”
  • Dr. Natalia B. Baraeva (Russia) “Temporarily uncontrollable territories and Afghan (Chechen) syndrome as subject of the criminological analysis”
  • Prof. Andrejs Vilks (Latvia) “Criminogenic trends in Latvia and the Baltic States”
  • Dr. Petr Korneitsuk (Estonia) “Criminalistics in the Postmodern Society”
  • Dr. Igor L. Groshev (Russia) “Principles of Structural-functional Anti-corruption Activity”
  • Dr. Lyubov I. Grosheva (Russia) “Infrastructural and internal incentives to the formation of a shadow youth business”
  • Dr. Victor Enrikesh (Angola) “Victimological Prevention”
  • Discussion

12-00 – 12-30 Coffee break

12-30 – 14-00 Session V-a (room 222)

  • Marija Besedina, Yulija Matveeva (Russia) “The modern trends of development and the state of cyberthreats. Methods of dealing with them”
  • Dr. Mikhail Y. Dvoretsky (Russia) “Direction of penal policy in relation to organized crime involved in drug trafficking”
  • Dr. V.S. Solovyev (Russia) “The Internet social networks role in the determination complex of modern crime”
  • Dr. Alexander E. Reife (Russia) “White-collar-crime: Criminological and Economical Analyses”
  • Dr. Ilya Nikishin (Russia)  “Anti-corruption expertise in the fight against corruption as a fundamental principle of prevention of organized crime in the legislation of the Russian Federation”
  • Dr. Elena V. Ilyuk (Russia) “Mental disorder as criminogenic factors of recidivism”
  • Discussion

12-30 – 14-00 Session V-b (Room 239)

  • Dr. Olga A. Axenovich (Russia) “Conflictology and formal – legal aspects of corruption trends in the law-making process of society and the state of the postmodern era”
  • Dr. Elena V. Kastorskaja (Russia)”Freedom of conscience in modern Russia”
  • Prof. Gennady L. Kastorsky (Russia) “Democracy, religious extremism: the prospects of coexistence”
  • Prof. Anatoly V. Komarnitsky (Russia) “Optimization of the system of additional legal restrictions juveniles in the criminal legislation of Russia”
  • Prof. Vitaly E. Kvashis, Dr. Nikolai A. Morozov (Russia) “The results of the study of crime and criminal policy in Japan”
  • Dr. Aleksey Savchenkov (Russia) “On the need for the implementation of Article 20 of the UN Convention against Corruption”
  • Discussion

14-00– 15-00 – Lunch

15-00 – 18-00 Session VI-a (Room 222)

  • Dr. T.E. Dzhafarov (Russia)  “Globalization of organized crime: theory and practice”
  • Dr. Sergey V. Barinov (Russia) “Characteristic Features of Cybercrime  in the Field of Privacy”
  • Dr. Elena N. Baryabina (Russia) “Experience of using participatory approach

to the evaluation of the juvenile delinquency prevention system”

  • Dr. Tatjana A. Gamm (Russia) “Criminogenic factors extremist crimes in  modern Russian society”
  • Dr. Denis A. Gorbatovich (Russia) “Criminal law as a means of social control”
  • Prof. Konstantin A. Volkov (Russia) “Crime entrepreneurs: search for an optimal model of social control”
  • Dr. O.Y. Ilchenko (Russia) “Some features of a female terrorist in Russia”
  • Dr. Ivan Kleymenov (Russian) “Actual postmodern ideas
    in the  legal reality”
  • Dr. A.A. Krylov, Dr. E.S. Mitjakov, Dr. A.L. Sitkovsky (Russia) “Assessment of the economic security of the Volga Federal District, based on criminological indicators”
  • Dr. Sergey A. Markuntsov (Russia) “Prospects of interaction between criminology and criminal law: the final «divorce» or constructive cooperation?”
  • Dr. Ilya Nikishin (Russia) “Anti-corruption expertise in the fight against corruption as a fundamental principle of prevention of organized crime in the legislation of the Russian Federation”
  • Dr. Andrey V. Nikulenko (Russia) “Institute for execution of the order in the police system”
  • Dr. Anna Razogreeva (Russia) “Human and non-human: material turn in the modern practice of crime prevention”
  • Dr. Tatiana I. Rozovskaya (Russia) “About  Validity of Criminalization of Acts in the  Sphere of  Privatization”
  • Prof. Ekaterina N. Rachmanova (Russia) “”Protecting group” of the Genocide Convention in 1948 in international ad hoc tribunals”
  • Dr. Elena V. Topilskaya (Russia) “National Features of the Organized Crime and the Ways of Combating  it in Columbia”
  • Prof. Aslam N. Khalikov (Russia) “Negative Effects of Excessive Criminalization and its Adverse Effects in Contemporary Society”
  • Dr. A.G. Haratishvili (Russia) “Criminal law and criminological problems of the validity of the criminal law for crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking”
  • Dr. Stepan N. Khokhclov (Russia) “The downside of globalization: international terrorism”
  • Maria G. Tsypkina (Russia) “Aggression in modern society and its impact on the growth of crime”   
  • Dr. Victoria P. Sharikova (Belarus) “Criminogenic transformation of policing in postmodern society”
  • Sergey A. Shakhov (Russia) “Issues of crime qualification using bankcards”
  • Dr. S.V. Shchegolevа, K.A. Mikhailova (Russia) “Early prevention of drug– related crime among young people in secondary educational institutions”
  • Discussion

15-00 – 18-00 Session VI-b (Room 239)

  • Dr. Victor G. Bespalko (Russia) “Old Testament lessons of the consequences of the criminalization of social consciousness and their importance for modern society of postmodern”
  • Dr. Yu. N. Bogdanova (Russia) “Patronage as a way of prevention of juvenile delinquency in the Russian Empire in the early twentieth century”
  • Dr. Ludmila Bolsunovskaya (Russia) “Social Control over Cybercrime”
  • Dr. A.V. Buryko (Russia) “To the question of state policy in combating drug addiction modern Russian society”.
  • Prof. Eduard F. Pobegaylo (Russia) “Conceptual bases of modern Russian criminal policy”
  • Dr. Anastasya E. Pobegaylo (Russia) “Cyberterrorism as a relevant criminological and criminal legal problem”
  • Ekaterina Kapustina (Russia) “The criminal policy of Germany in against countering economic crime”
  • Dr. Alexander Karamnov (Russia) “Problems in the  Theory and  Practice of Illegal Access to Computer Information”
  • Dr. Alexander E. Kozlov (Russia) “Human trafficking: corruption features”
  • Dr. C. C. Kolesnikov (Russia) “Social rehabilitation of drug users as an element of social control”
  • Elena V. Koroleva (Russian) “Crime with a Female Face”
  • Dr. Vasily I. Poklad (Ukraine) “The Global Anomia and its Consequences”
  • Prof. Leonid B. Smirnov (Russia) “Evolution and prospects of Russian prison system”
  • Dr. Svetlana D. Tsengel (Russia) “Need does Russia corporate criminal liability?”
  • Dr. Kristina A. Krasnova (Russia) “Role of the state protection in the prevention crimes against participants of criminal legal proceedings”
  • Dr. Valentina Nurpeissova (Kazakhstan) “The issues of realization of result-based planning of crime prevention”
  • A.S. Pravotorov (Russia) “On the Issue of Fight against Classical Serial Murders at the Present Stage”
  • Diana R. Rsymbetova (Kazakhstan) “Problems of warning of the organized forms of the transnational criminal offences, related to organization, illegal migration, turn of drugs and religiously-national extremism in the context of new release of criminal code of Republic of Kazakhstan (criminal law and criminological aspect)”
  • Dr. N.A. Petrasheva, P.I. Levchenko (Russia) “Is mediation in bribery self-rule or type of complicity?”
  • Dr. Yulia B. Samoilova (Russia) “Globalization Crime in illegal Extraction and Trafficking Aquatic Biological Resources as Conditions for the Modernization of the Russian Laws”
  • Dr. Vladimir Y. Stromov (Russia) “Direction of social control over the criminogenic factors of corruption: problems and prospects for improving”
  • Dr. Svetlana T. Suleimanova (Russia) “Some problems of social control of crime in Russia”
  • Dr. Pavel V. Teplyshin (Russia) “Theoretical and legal reasoning and a brief description of the Scandinavian and Baltic types penitentiary systems”
  • Dr. Victoria N. Troneva (Russian) “Criminological characteristics of juvenile delinquency girls”
  • Dr. M.A. Fadeeva (Russia) “Some questions of legal regulation of anatomical organs transplantation”