XXVIII International Baltic Criminological Conference

«Crime and Social Control in the Society of a Postmodern»

In the mid-1980s was in USSR a group of criminologist for which the scope of the official criminology were too narrow. And on the initiative of a group of colleagues from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Leningrad and Moscow (Professors Yu. Bluvshtejn, S. Boskholov, Y. Gilinskiy, A. Dobrynin, B. Kogan, A. Leps, E. Raska, D. Seps, V. Yustitsky) it was decided to hold an annual Baltic criminological seminars in each of the Baltic republics and in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg).

First Baltic Criminological seminar took place in Estonia, on a farm near the city of Tartu in 1987. It was a free exchange of views criminologists like-minded, whose views go beyond the Soviet officialdom. Some reports have been publish in the Scientific Papers of Tartu State University (Theoretical problems of territorial differences in crime. Proceedings of Criminology. Issue 817. Tartu, 1988).

Since then, annual seminars are held alternately in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Leningrad /St. Petersburg.

The coming collapse of the USSR, the liberation of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia by the Soviet occupation and their independence gradually change the format of the workshop. He converted to international seminar, and later — conference. Participation is beginning to take colleagues from the Baltic region (Poland, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden), as well as other countries — from Hungary to the United States. As evidenced by these materials once the 28th conference of criminologist’s exchange of opinions in this era of postmodern continues.