XX International Baltic Criminological Seminar

(St. Petersburg, 29.06 – 01.07- 2007)

June, 28th 2007

Arrival of participants and accommodation in hotel.

19-00 – friendly meeting on the chair of criminal law, the Russian State Pedagogical University, the Faculty of Law, Moika emb., 48, the bloc 20, 2 floor, room 223.

June, 29th 2007

09-30 – registration of participants (the Russian State Pedagogical University, the Faculty of Law, Moika emb., 48, the bloc 20, 2 floor, lecture-room 222).

10-00 – Opening of the Seminar.

  • Chairman of Organizing committee Prof. Y.Gilinskiy
  • The dean of faculty of Law Prof. V.Smorgunova
  • Director of the St.-Petersburg Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Prof. I.Yeliseyeva
  • The rector of the St.-Petersburg Juridical Institute of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation Prof. N.Dudin
  • Chairman of Committee of  foreign relations of the St. Petersburg’s Government A. Prochorenko
  • Chairman of Commission of law and order of the St. Petersburg’s Legislative Assembly A. Kramarev
  • General consuls of the Latvian Republic, the Lithuanian Republic, the Estonian Republic, UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Finland, Sweden

11-00. Plenary session

            Yakov Gilinskiy (Russia) – Globalization and Criminality.

            Dmitry Shestakov (Russia) – Counteraction to Global Evil as a Subject of General Criminological Theory

            Niels Christie (Norway) – Three forms of poverty

12-00. Coffee-break     

12-20. Sesion 1. Violence in the  contemporary World

           Chairpersons: N. Christie, Y. Gilinskiy

            Edward Pobegailo (Russia) – Main tendency of the violence crime in contemporary Russia

            Tatiana Shipunova (Russia). Non-reflected Aggression and Violence

            Anatoly Dyachenko (Russia). Criminal violence over sphere of sex

            Ekaterina Ushakova (Russia). A suicidal risk: a sociological analysis


14-00 – 15-00 – Lunch

15-00. Session 2. Addiction in the contemporary World

            Chairpersons: M. Platek, A. Dyachenko.

            Hedda Giersten (Norway). Perception of drug users in law, in medicine and in low-threshold institutions.

            Natalia Fedorova (Russia) – Pattern of drug use of Russian-speaking migrants in Berlin

            Knut Papendorf (Norway – Germany). Model projects with heroin-medication in Western Europe

            Margarita Pozdnjakova (Russia). Social resource of religiousness in counteraction to narcotization in the youth environment  of modern Russia


16-30 – 16-50. Coffee-break

16-50. Session 3. Crime in Baltic countries

            Chairpersons: D. Spencer, V. Golbert

            Ando Leps (Estonia). Criminality in Estonia during 1904 – 2006

            Andrejs Vilks (Latvia). Crime in Latvia: current trends and future prospects

            Juris Jansons (Latvia). Mechanism for providing compensations to victims in Latvia

            Viktoras Justickis (Lithuania). Bureaucratic personality and corruption


19-00 – Buffet table (Representative Office of Moscow in St. Petersburg, Kazan Str.,  25)

June, 30th  2007

10-00. Session 4.  The theory and methodology of criminology and deviantology

Chairpersons: Y. Gilinskiy, V. Scheinost

            Nikolai Isaev (Russia). Nonclassical and postnonclassical scientific phases of deviant behaviour research.

            Thomas Gilly (France). The relevance of Kant’s and Habermas’ ethics for political  decision making regarding the fight against terrorism

            Vladislav Bachinin (Russia). Freud or Dostoevsky: conceptual alternative of   criminological  perception

            Silvia Kaugia (Estonia). Quantitative and Qualitative Reception of Legal  Regulation           

            Irina Grosheva, Igor Groshev (Russia). Factors of the destabilization of the social reality          


11-30. Session 5. Tolerance, Intolerance, “Hate of Crimes”

Chairpersons: J. Jansons, S. Lebedev

            Gennady Gorshenkov (Russia). Public hatred as the factor of criminality

            Yakov Gilinskiy (Russia). The Hate Crimes in Contemporary Russia

            Sergey Enikolopov, Nina Meshkova (Russia). Hate crimes and psychological problems of fanaticism.

            Jon Spencer (UK), Anna Markina (Estonia). Illegal Immigration and the Process of Criminalisation.

            Konstantin Belousov (Russia). Xenophobia towards migrants: realities of contemporary



13-00 – 13-20. Coffee-break 

13-20. Session 6. Deviance in the contemporary World

Chairpersons: T. Denisova, T. Shipunova

            Valentin Golbert (Russia). Excessive Corruption

            Miroslav Scheinost (Czechia). Human Trafficking – Experience of the Czech Republic

            Marina Luptakova (Czechia). “Excluded”: psychological aspects of homelessness and homeless children (with use of materials of research of a problem of homelessness in Czech Republic)

           Sergey Enikolopov, D. Umnjashkina (Russia). Psychological problems of gambling.


14-30-15-30 – Lunch

15-30. Session 7.  Crime and delinquency of teenagers and youth

Chairpersons: D. Shestakov., V. Justickis.

            Olga Siegmunt (Germany). Juvenile Delinquency in Modern Societies and Institutional Anomie Theory.

            Sergey Denysov, Tatyana Zhukova (Ukraine). Formation social values of young people: way to hatred or consent?

            Murtaz Dvalishvili (Russia – Georgia). Criminality of minors in modern Russia

            Konstantin Haritonov, Nikolai Isaev (Russia). Theoretical approaches to the analysis of   the women with mental anomalies and criminal behaviour.


17-00. Session 8. The social control over crime

Chairpersons: M. Junninen,  M. Pozdnjakova

            Andrey Gorshenkov (Russia). The criminological doctrine of control

            Anna Smorgunova (Russia). Prison Privatization: Foreign Practices and Russian Perspectives

            Vladimir Ovchinsky (Russia). Radical liberalism in penal policy

            Semen Lebedev (Russia)  Criminological provision of international cooperation in sphere of  crime control

            Gleb Bogush (Russia). International criminal law and criminology: the problems of interaction


19-00. Excursion on the rivers and channels of Petersburg

July, 1st  2007

10-00. Session 9. The social control over crime -2

Chairpersons: A. Markina, A. Smorgunova

            Monika Platek (Poland). Comparative aspects on attitudes towards social control over crime and deviance in Poland and Scandinavian Countries.

            Mika Junninen (Finland). Prevention of Organised Crime   

            Tatyana Denisova (Ukraine). Provision of observance of human rights in criminal executive system of Ukraine

            Oxana Lepeshkina (Russia). To the question of the death penalty exception from the crime control strategies in Russia

            Leonid Tsyvjan (Israel) – Police activity again some kinds of criminality 


11-30. Session 10.The organized and economic crime, corruption

Chairpersons: V. Bachinin, A. Leps

            Vladimir Ovchinsky (Russia).

            Yakov Kostjukovsky (Russia)  Modern trends of organized crime development                      

            Katarzyna Laskowska (Poland). Activity of the Russian-speaking organized crime groups    in Poland in a view of results of criminological researches

            Anna Repetskaja (Russia). Concept and structure of the criminal market in Russia

            Lubov Rogatyh (Russia). Counteraction to economic crimes in conditions of uniform economic space

            Valery Burdov (Russia) Dues as factor of economic crime and means of it prevention

13-00-14-00. Lunch

14-00. Round table «Criminologists about the present and  the future of  profession».

            Ausra Gavenaite (Lithuania). Interdisciplinary criminological studies in Vilnius University

15-30 – 15-50. Coffee-break.

15-50 – Press conference

17-00 – Closing of the Seminar