XXVIII Международный Балтийский Криминологический Семинар

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Тема:Преступность и социальный контроль в обществе постмодерна
Date and Time:27.05.2015–28.05.2015
Location📍 Россия, г. Санкт-Петербург
🏛️ Russian State Pedagogical University


The twenty-eighth International Baltic Criminological Seminar  session should take place in St. Petersburg, with the subject ‘Crime and Social Control in the Society of a Postmodern’. Session languages will be English and Russian. That session, as well as all previous ones, aims to join criminologists from the Baltic region, which contributes, in the long run, to strengthening not only professional, but also political, economic, cultural relations between countries-participants of the Seminar. All the more so because the Seminar concerns are general issues of organized crime, human trafficking, human rights.