XXIX Baltic Criminological Seminar

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Тема:Crime, Culture, and Social Control
Date and Time:16.06.2016–18.06.2016
Location📍 Эстония, Таллин
🏛️ Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu


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Организатор мероприятия: The Baltic Criminological Seminar

Faculty of Law – UT, Kaarli pst 3, Tallinn 10119, Estonia

Продолжительность: 2 дн.

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The Baltic Criminological Seminar will take place 16-18 June 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia. The Baltic Criminological Seminar is an annual event that brings together experts on criminology to discuss the latest developments in empirical research, legislation and criminal policy, with a special geographical focus on the Baltic region. The topic of the 29th Baltic Criminological Seminar is “Crime, Culture, and Social Control”.

The event is hosted by the Faculty of Law, University of Tartu in co-operation with Estonian Ministry of Justice. All participants are cordially invited to give a presentation, the papers will be published in 2016 in the special issue of the journal Juridica International.

The admittance to the conference is free. Unfortunately, we can cover neither your travel costs nor accommodation. However, we would be happy to provide you with all necessary assistance concerning booking of hotels and other organizational issues.

Conference venue: Tallinn branch of the Faculty of Law, University of Tartu,
Street address: Kaarli pst 3, Tallinn

To register: please send an e-mail containing:
Your name
Topic of your presentation

to anna.markina@ut.ee by May 15th 2016.

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XXIX International Baltic Criminological Seminar. Tallinn, Estonia, 2016.
экскурсия под дождем (Н. Проскурнина, Я. Гилинский)
XXIX International Baltic Criminological Seminar. Tallinn, Estonia, 2016.
После дождя вечерний банкет в самый раз ( Гилинский, Проскурнина)