European Summer School on Criminology (19-23 Aug. 2024)




The European Society of Criminology is known for its global influence in sharing knowledge and promoting criminology as a science, fostering a strong academic community. The Society has introduced the European Summer School on Criminology in collaboration with the University of Lausanne to enhance the education of emerging scholars and lay a solid foundation for the next generation of European criminologists and their networks. Its primary goal is to strengthen the scientific community and prepare for future developments. The ESC Summer School serves as a forward-thinking initiative that connects experienced and emerging experts, paving the way for a larger community in the years ahead.

The European Summer School on Criminology is a one-week course, spanning five days and offering 2 ECTS credits certified by the University of Lausanne. It is designed for doctoral students and early-career researchers in criminology. The curriculum is aligned with the ESC’s broader activities, focusing on nurturing the professional growth of young researchers. This initiative involves inviting previous ESC award-winning scholars to serve as professors, ensuring a continuum of excellence and mentorship. Additionally, the program equips participants with the necessary skills for conducting high-quality, innovative research and provides guidance on securing funding through grants and research projects. The approach aims to bridge current practices with future advancements in European criminology, highlight the prestige of the ESC’s accolades, and empower the next generation of criminologists to successfully secure research funding.



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